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Most of the services we provide at the surgery are funded by our NHS contract. However, some services are not and do involve a private charge. We aim to keep our charges reasonable and in line with the British Medical Association’s guidelines.

The fee will reflect both the Doctor's time to carry out the service and the Doctor's professional opinion. It may also include the cost of Nursing or Secretarial support, stationary and consumables.

These services include private insurance medicals, fostering medicals, private medical certificates, letters of various sorts, holiday cancellation forms, certain travel vaccinations, HGV/PSV examinations etc.


  If you have a form for completion by a Doctor, please speak to the Reception staff.

    Please do not give it directly to a Doctor.

 • Our NHS services always take priority and non-NHS services are provided subject

    to GP availability.

 •  Our GPs will not sign passports or any other documents which require them to

    provide personal details such as home telephone number, address etc.

 •  Forms and reports are done in order of date of receipt and not in order of magnitude.

List of Private fees for Non-NHS Services.

 Non-NHS Services